Which AdSense niche pays the highest?

What are high CPC keywords?

Today I will tell you what high CPC keywords are. All the information will be in this article. How you can earn thousands of dollars from AdSense by targeting high CPC keyword. I will tell you how to use high CPC keywords.  Targeting High CPC keywords How you stand and how high earnings are generated By the way CPC means cost per click ie AdSense how many clicks you get in return for targeting this keyword.  It depends on your keyword, ie if the keyword you are targeting is writing your article, if adsense has kept its CPC less then you will get less CPC if you  Targeting keywords on which adsense has more CPC then you will get more money per click as adsense has this money.


How do I make the most money with AdSense?

How to make more money from AdSense. This paragraph is on this topic. You have to understand the article carefully and increase your AdSense earning. We will talk on this topic how you can increase your AdSense earning.  All you have to do is target high CPC keywords so that you can increase your AdSense earning. I will tell you later what I have mentioned next keywords.  So you will be able to generate more earnings from AdSense, then I will tell you the keywords. If you write articles on these keywords, then high CPC ads will run on your site, which will give you more earnings.  Can range from 2$ to 5$ per click. 

Which country has highest CPC rate?

In this paragraph I will tell you some countries in which adsense will give you more CPC ie if your click comes from the same country on which adsense has more CPC then you will get more CPC from this country.  But which countries are we going to talk about in this paragraph?
(1) United States 
(2) United Kingdom 
(3) United arab emirates 
(4) kuwait 
(5) Australia 
(6) Canada 
(7) europe 
(8) spain 
(9) Russia 
(10) Germany
These are the countries I mentioned above. If your ads click from these countries, AdSense will not give you a CPC of less than $ 2.

Best high CPC keywords list

 (1) insurance  50$ 

 (2) cheap car insurance  90$ 
 (3) Donate 40$ 
 (4) blood donation 9$ 
 (5) travel insurance 43$ 
 (6) high CPC keywords 121$ 
 (7) Google hosting 1000$ 
 (8) web hosting 99$ 
 (9) cloud hosting 70$ 
 (10) conference call 35$ 
 (11) electricity 40$ 
 (12) Gas 39$ 
 (13) lawyer 1000$ 
 (14) attorney 43$ 
 (15) loan 30$ 
 (16) Mortgage 50$ 
 (17) Credit 49$ 
 (18) Degree 99$ 
 (19) hostinger 19$ 
 (20) cheap web hosting 11$ 

Important point

This is what I have shown you. If you write an article targeting these keywords, then adsense will give you more money. One ad click will get you as much CPC as I have written next to the keywords.  You can get even higher CPC or sometimes you can get less because CPC is more or less but the CPC of these keywords is not very low. 1$ of the dollar may be less.  The more high CPC ads you have on it, the better you will earn. The keywords I have given you are twenty keywords. I asked you to tell me fifty high CPC keywords but I did not tell you.  All you have to do is create another high CPC keyword by typing these base keywords back and forth. This will also get you more CPC. Maybe AdSense will give you double CPC so you can increase your earning.  Have to do.

Earn Manuel adsense ad high earning 

Article ads 
Adsense pays the highest earnings in article ads ie if you add ads to your site manually then you put article ads on your site then adsense  will pay you the highest high earnings ie  The higher the earning, the more you will get article ad. If you use display ad, you will not get more earnings on it.  You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.  High CPC ads come to your site which generates more of your earnings and you get more benefit from your site.  You need to remember these points carefully and add article ads to your site.

Start now adsense auto ads:

If you apply auto ads on adsense, will you have high earnings? In this paragraph, we will talk about the same topic. If you apply auto ads on your site, can you get more CPC?  Maybe if you apply auto ads on your site, then the keyword you are targeting, maybe AdSense will run an ad on your site that has a very high CPC that you can use.  Earnings start to get too high and you don’t even need to manually activate so I don’t call you strong. You may get more CPC, you may get less, but it is confirmed that  You won’t get CPC for less than a dollar and if you write an article targeting a high CPC keyword, you can earn high. You don’t write a copyright article. You have to write a unique article by yourself.  You will get higher CPC, otherwise your article will not be indexed in Google. If you publish a copyrighted article on your site, it will stop your earning.  These are the points you need to keep in mind and earn high CPC ads on your article.


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