Search Engine Optimization 9 Stuffs Supreme Guide

Search Engine Optimization 9 Stuffs Supreme Guide? Today we will learn, How to write an attractive blog post? It’s important to write an attractive and valuable blog post to bring traffic or visitor to a blog. Whoever in the blogging platform or working as a professional blogger must know how important a blog post for a website or a blog. One thing to remember always, “Content is king” for a website.

Search Engine Optimization 9 Stuffs Supreme Guide?

Easy way to write a blog: If you are new to blogging? Or Want to start blogging? Need tips? Then this blog post is for you. Learn some basics and valuable points. Read it till the end to get full details.

Content is King for a Website, so you know that if you want to blog, your blog post must be a good quality. You will get better results if you post 5 to 10 quality posts randomly than you post thousands of blogs which doesn’t make sense or not Good quality. So today I am discussing with you, how to write an attractive good quality blog post. The important issues of writing a blog post/ content / article or important clauses or rules are discussed in detail here today. So let’s get started.

Topic of our blog post,

  • Blog topic selection.
  • Keyword Research.
  • Use of headlines.
  • The actual and search engine friendly headline feature.
  • Grammar and spelling.
  • Visitor Attraction.
  • Use Images and videos.
  • Motivational conclusion.
  • Using thumbnail images
  • Use of tags.
  • Determining the category
  • Use of table content.

How to Write an article?

Many people choose blogging to get to know themselves and others. No matter how many expensive blogs you write about, if your writing is not liked by blog readers, everyone else will be stingy except for a few of your friends to click on your writing a second time. If you want to make your writing beautiful on the blog and if you want to be the blogger of people’s choice, you have to follow some rules. And also your blog should be SEO Friendly.

Rules for How to writing an attractive Blog Post

(1) Blog Topic selection:

Before writing a post on a blog, you first need to understand the needs of the reader and find out if the topic is relevant to the blog you are writing about. For example, if I want to write a blog on Movie downloading site name Moviesflix. And If Under the title of a technology , how to make a movie. Or How to shoot a movie with which camera. Or How to share it in WhatsApp, it will be annoying for the readers who comes to the blog to download a movie and not to learn about how to shoot a movie. So no one will come to read my writing a second time, and the bloggers will ban you.

In addition to the needs of the reader as well as relevant articles for the blog is very important otherwise it becomes difficult to find search visitors from specific keywords.

(2) Keyword Research:

Before writing a blog post you should find a good keyword. Because if you write something which peoples are not searching then it will be time waste only. So find a good keyword and start wring on it. Example if you want to write about the definition of education, then find some related keyword and start writing.  When writing a blog post, you should focus only on the topic you are writing about. If any other thoughts keep running through your head, it will hinder your activities. Don’t write blogs in a depressed mood (except for love-related blogs), it is normal to read your thoughts in a blog post at such times. Blogging should feel cheerful.

(3) Use Headlines and Write an attractive Blog Post

The title is very important for a blog post, one thing you should try to write in an interesting title so that the reader will be attracted to your blog so you will get regular readers. However, do not write a juicy title at all, it is like making a juice by mixing extra sugar in the tea. The reader sees that you have given tea but eats the juice, by doing so the reader will lose more than he gains

.(4) SEO Friendly Blog Post

At the beginning, highlight some of the topics you have chosen so that you can publish some of the main parts of your blog post so that the lazy reader does not get lost in a couple of lines. In a word, try to put some interesting elements in the details, write everything in detail, but when writing, remember that the same text does not come again and again, the reader gets bored and goes to another post.

(5) Plagiarism Free Content:

Many of the new blogger copy-paste someone else’s writing and continue to say it themselves, which they will never try to do. Because the main element of a blog is originality and in order to maintain its true value, all popular search engines including Google rank the quality of the blog based on the original text and visitors. If you regularly steal and publish other people’s blogs, search engines will blacklist your blog and send no visitors. So keep an eye on this.

(6) Visiters attraction:

Each blog post should be at least 300 words, you can write more to give detailed information if you want. Many people say the same thing over and over again when they write more, which annoys the reader. You must write a  valuable original content in a small and beautiful way which can solve visitors query.

(7) Add Image on your Blog post to attract the visitor

Try to add at least one image to the inside of the blog post or to the place that is most relevant to your theme. Make sure the image is related to your post.

(8) Use of Tags

After you finish writing, you need to write some keywords for the blog post that will help search engines understand. Each of your keywords must be related to the article, meaning that the words you tag in the post should be in your original post and relevant.

(9) Correct Your Mistakes

At the end of it all, you read the whole post yourself twice, which we call revision, so you can see if there are any spelling mistakes or mismatches in the text.


There are many more rules How to write an attractive blog post, Like use of thumbnail Images, Use table of content. Write good meta description , interlinking, Use keywords on Headings, H1, H2, H3 Etc. Properly on blog post.  Well on a blog, so keep trying as you are new. Read and write more and more blogs, success will come one day or another.


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