How to Use Pro PatchStack Plans Always Free

How to Use Pro PatchStack Plans Always Free? Thousands of websites are being hacked on a daily basis so many people’s dreams of creating huge websites are shattered

So it is very important to keep your website safe or your dream of making more money can be shattered

What is HTTP and HTTPS?

HTTP means that your site is not secure and your site can be easily hacked by any hacker

If your website has HTTP, how can you make it HTTPS. Mean secure. Here are 3 ways I mentioned above. If you follow any of these methods, HTTPS will be activated on your site

So in today’s article I will tell you how you can protect your website. I will tell you 3 ways to protect your website

How to Use Pro PatchStack Plans Always Free? You can use some of the methods that I will tell you for free Plans, but you can also buy some Pro Plans and make your website extra security if you want


You can use Cloudflare to protect your website Cloudflare is a very good agency that takes responsibility for the security of your websites and has a very good responsibility. Cloudflare also has some Pro Plans that are not very expensive. You can also easily buy a free Cloudflare plan that is 100% free for life

All you have to do is activate Cloudflare’s security on your website. All you have to do is change the nameservers of your domain registrar and in a few minutes Cloudflare will start protecting your website

For Example: NS.Domain > NS.Cloudflare


Patchstack is also a great platform for your website security. PatchStack has some plans that you have to buy before you can secure your website

But a lot of people who are new to blogging don’t have that much budget which makes it difficult for them to use PatchStack but let me tell you a way that you can use PatchStack for free for life. To do this, if you are just starting out blogging, you should buy web hosting from and build your own website because if you buy web hosting from you should use PatchStack for free for life. Permission will be granted but if you have already created your own website by purchasing web hosting from a company other than hostinger then you should leave that company and buy web hosting so that you can use PatchStack for free

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Basic SSL

The most common way to keep your website secure is considered to be SSL. The company from which you have purchased web hosting will give you free SSL. The company from which you have purchased your web hosting will give you SSL. If not, you can use the two methods I mentioned above


How to Use Cloudflare Always Free?

Read Our Full Article and Informative Tips And Use Cloudflare Always Free.

How to Use PatchStack Always Free?

Buy now Cheapest Web Hosting and Use PatchStack Always Free.


If you are having trouble following the instructions I have given you, you can contact me by free mail

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