How to increase Blog traffic from Google Sites

Every blogger wants their website to be ranked in search engines and they can earn some money but nowadays it is not easy to rank a website so today I want you to rank your website. And a way to increase website traffic. How to increase Blog traffic from Google Sites

Many bloggers use many methods to increase traffic to their website but they fail in every way.

How to increase Blog traffic from Google Sites? If you don’t know how to rank a website, let me tell you that it is not easy to rank any website in 2021, but there are some ways in which your website can rank in a matter of days.

Long Articles

Writing long articles is a very important part of ranking a website for example. Have you ever considered that websites that rank at the top in search engines have written very long articles so you have to write very long articles so that Rank your website to the top

Quality Backlinks

Most importantly, backlinks are very important for ranking a website. Without backlinks, you can try to write more articles than you like. Without building backlinks, your site will not rank, so backlinks are very important.

How to increase Blog traffic from Google Sites
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Boost Website Traffic and Quality Backlink From Google Sites

So in today’s article I will show you a unique way to build backlinks which will also increase the traffic of your website. Today I will show you how to get backlinks from Google sites and also teach you how to get traffic.

If you don’t know what Google Sites is, find out! Google Sites is Google’s only website on which you can create your own website and also provide backlinks to any of these websites.

Now a lot of people will be thinking that we have already created our own website, then why should we create a website on Google sites again, but I will also tell you the solution, you have created a website on Google sites. So that you can get 1 Quality backlinks

First of all, you need to build your website on Google Sites, not a good website. You can also create a simple website. Then you have to create an article on your website. Post the same article. Some of this will need to be published on your Google Sites website and linked main article to the Google Sites website.

How to increase Blog traffic from Google Sites?

This will allow you to get traffic to your website from the website you created on Google Sites and you will get a high quality backlink.


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