How to Build High DA PA DoFollow Backlinks in 2020?


How to Build High DA PA DoFollow Backlinks in 2020?


There are a lot of people who want to create backlinks for their website but they have a lot of problems with it. If they go to create backlinks, they will create nine follow backlinks which will make their website  It doesn’t help and their website doesn’t rank in Google and a lot of people try to get backlinks in a paid way but they get traffic for a while then their traffic starts to fall.  Everyone gets nine follow backlinks for free. Someone also gets do follow backlinks whose DA PA is very high which makes your site rank very fast in Google and many people  Buy traffic but that traffic is only for a while then your site does not rank in Google and a lot of people go to a website where they put a link to their website in the comment box and they DA PA  get backlinks for a while but they don’t get you much traffic and those backlinks go to waste.

How to Build High DA PA DoFollow Backlinks in 2020?


How to Build High DA PA DoFollow Backlinks in 2020?

But I am going to tell you a trick with which you can create high DA PA backlink without charges. You must have heard the name Google Sites. It is a website of Google in which you can create your own site and also create your own dofollow backlink, so I will tell you how to create a backlink.  First you have to create a site of your own on Google Sites. In this you have to post what you have posted on your blog or wordpress . You have to publish it on Google Sites.  You don’t have to take it and publish it on your Google sites. You have to add a picture and add the links of the article of your post. This means that if you have to do internal linking, then your post will also rank and you will also get backlink.  But you should not add more links, otherwise your site’s spam score may be higher. Now that you have published your first post on Google sites, you will get unlimited traffic to your site. Your customers will come to the site.  Click will see your post this way you will become a dofollow backlink DA 93 PA 97  There will be more traffic.
How to Build High DA PA DoFollow Backlinks in 2020?

Watch this video and understand how to create your own site on Google sites, how to write an article, how to add an image.




Create dofollow backlink from wikipedia DA 93 PA 97

I will show you how to build a high DA PA dofollow backlink from Wikipedia. As you know, Wikipedia is a social media that gets traffic in billions.  How much traffic will come to your website if it is on Wikipedia and this will happen when you take dofollow backlinks from Wikipedia. You have to create backlinks very carefully while taking backups from Wikipedia otherwise your Wikipedia account may be blocked and you  The spam score of the website may be high which will put your website at great risk. Google will not rank your website so as I will tell you step by step you should also create a dofollow backlink.  Are.

 2 steps:

The first way is that when you log in to Wikipedia, you can type anything in the search bar, such as blogging, you have to search your field, you have to open someone’s Wikipedia article, almost all of its articles.  You have to read for ten to fifteen minutes so that the admin of Wikipedia has no doubt that you have just come to get Dofollow  backlinks. You don’t care about anyone’s article, so you have not come to know anything.  You have to read someone’s article for a maximum of 15 to 20 minutes and you have to make a backlink in it. I will show you in this video right now what is in front of you. You have to watch this video well.  And you have to create a dofollow backlink by external linking to Wikipedia. It is a very easy task but you have to watch carefully if you miss any code etc. point or anything.  Remove. You have to be very careful linking as I will show you. You have linked your site more than once or twice in someone’s article.  Don’t post otherwise your Wikipedia account will be blocked. You only have to post two links in a day. Link to your site in someone’s article. Then you have to post two links the next day.  Don’t overdo it, or your Wikipedia account will be blocked.
The second method I will tell you is how you can create unlimited backlinks but in this method also you will have to create backlinks very slowly. You can create two or three dofollow  backlinks every day.  Creating a video that will get you unlimited traffic and your domain authority will also increase a lot and your site will crawl in Google very quickly. In the same way, you will not create more than two dofollow backlinks every day, otherwise Wikipedia.  Will block your account but in this way you have to publish the article on your profile and get a dofollow backlink by putting the link of your own site in your article which will get you a lot of traffic. You have to write one article every day.  You have to write an article that means something. If you write a junk article, Wikipedia will suspect you and it will block your account, just as I told you in the next video.  I will show you how to do the whole process step by step and create Dofollow backlinks if you miss a point.  If you do, your Dofollow backlink will not be published on the Wikipedia page and you will not get a backlink. You have to watch the video below carefully and you have to create a Dofollow backlink.

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