How many articles should be published on your blog in a week?

Everyone knows that it is not easy to get any website ranked in search engines. Many people create daily blogs but they repeatedly fail to bring traffic to these blogs and many people ask how many articles should be published on your blog in a week?

How many articles should be published on your blog in a week? Today I will also tell you how many articles to publish on your blog in a week? And today I’m going to show you some of the ways that SEO will help your website rank higher in search engines, but our article also shows that if you don’t follow SEO tricks If you do not complete your website SEO, you will not be successful in your blog in 2 or 3 years. Read our article carefully then you can understand the secrets of blogging and in this article, we will tell you about some of the paid tools that will help you to succeed in blogging quickly. If you purchase the tools by clicking on the “Buy Now” button in our article, you will receive a higher discount and your purchase will give us a Small commission from the company

How many articles should be published on your blog in a week?

Now let me tell you how many articles are published on your blog in a week? You may not follow what I say, but if you don’t follow me, you will fail blogging. When it comes to SEO of your website, my guess is that you should publish one article daily on your website, that is 7 articles a week you should publish on your website. Then there is the possibility of ranking in search engines

How many articles should be published on your blog in a week?

Write Long Article

Writing long articles is a very important part of SEO. If you look at websites that rank high in search engines, they have written very long articles, so if you also want to rank your website high in search engines. If so, you will have to write long articles. Your written essay should be at least 2500+ words. Then you are more likely to get the status of your website, but you do write an article that does not benefit anyone from your article, Again you will write articles that will people get information, then you website will get 100% ranking in search engines

Use Headings on your Article

Using headings in your article is a very important part of SEO because if you use headings in your article then anyone who reads your article will be able to understand the subject of your article more easily. There are six types of headings. You have to use all the headings in your article

  • H1
  • H2
  • H3
  • H4
  • H5
  • H6

Use Table Of Content on your Article

Using Table Of Content in your article makes it very easy to rank the article as it is a very useful thing for the readers of your article because if you use Table Of Content then your article will be read. If the reader wants to read the last or any sentence of your article, he can read the sentence immediately by clicking on the titles of the sentence in the Table Of Content, which their save a of time. But search engines will rank your website higher

Use FAQ on your Article

Using a FAQ in your article can get your article ranked in a few days but if you don’t understand it then you will write any kind of article and submit it in search engine. If you want to Good an article in the search, you have to write a good article and use a FAQ. Have you ever noticed that when some top articles rank in search engines, below them are also written some suggestions which are called FAQ. If you also use FAQ in your article then your FAQ Can also rank on the first page of search engine and your website traffic will increase 100% so be sure to use the FAQ in your article

Use Long Tail Keyword on your Article Title

If you use Long Tail keywords in your title, you are more likely to get article status because there is less competition on Long Tail keywords and if you use Long Tail keywords in your article to rank So there is a good chance that your article will rank

For Example : SEO > Search Engine Optimizaton

Use Bold Keywords on your Article

This is the SEO trick that I am going to tell you. No one has shared this trick with you before today. This is the SEO trick that I have discovered by experimenting and now I am telling you so that you too Benefit from this trick

When you start writing an article, you will definitely want to write some keywords to make your reader understand something, so you must use the bold option because the words that are bold. People pay more attention to it, so whenever you write an article, you should bold some keywords that are your affiliate link and whoever reads your article will know immediately what service you are providing. Affiliate Sales are also more likely to occur and when visitors visit your website for a long time, the search engines think that your article must have a feature then search engine will rank your website

Use Large Words on your Article

This is a simple SEO trick, but it can play an important role in ranking your website. If you are reading an article, think for yourself if the word of the article is too small then you will not be able to do it read correctly so when you write your article, you should make the size of the words in it medium or large. So that the person who reads your article will not have difficulty in reading your article. If visitors find your article better, search engines will rank your site as well

Use Unique Keywords on your Article

Using unique keywords in your article can get your website ranked in search engine rankings very quickly. No one may have shared this SEO tip with you before today but I am sharing it with you. Have you ever considered it? There are some keywords that have a lot of competition and some keywords that have very little competition. If you use low competition keywords in the paragraphs of your article, your website will have a lot of rankings

Use Unique Content and Images on your Article

These are two very important parts of SEO. Firstly, to create good quality and unique content on your website and secondly, to use attractive and unique images in your article. These are two very important parts of SEO. By using them Will help you rank higher in search engines

Best Blogging Tools

How many articles should be published on your blog in a week?

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How many articles should be published on your blog in a week?

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How many articles should be published on your blog in a week?

You should publish about 5 or 6 articles on your website in a week, each article should be about 2500 words, then your website will get search engine rank.

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