How do I use keyword planner?

What is keyword planner?

What is a keyword planner tool? Today we are going to talk about the same topic. How can you benefit from keyword planner? How can you increase your adsense earnings by using keyword planner? How to Rank Your Article on the First Page of Google Today we will talk about this topic.
Let me tell you what a keyword planner is. How can you benefit from a keyword planner? Let me tell you first. If you read this article carefully, you will understand how to target a keyword with a keyword planner.  Will and will increase your adsense earnings.
Image by Google keyword planner


How do I use keyword planner?

This is why I have shown you by  targeting the keyword above that it is targeted with the help of keyword planner. You can see how high its CPC is and if you target this keyword then you will get as much CPC as  Yes, it is shown in the picture, but it may be more or less .CPC may not be as low as 5$ as shown here.  All you have to do is give it a go and target a keyword whose CPC is close to 100$ dolls. Only then can you earn more from AdSense as I have shown in the picture above. Its CPC is 300$. If you get a CPC of less than 50$ of these dollars, that is, click on 250$, that is, you will get 250$ of an ad, then your earnings will increase.

How target High CPC keywords 

Now I will tell you how to target keyword from keyword planner. I will also tell you by writing in this article and I will also show you in a video which I will add in this article.  You can also learn the complete method by looking at how to target a keyword with a keyword planner, how to write an article targeting a high CPC keyword and how to increase your AdSense earning. What you need to do first.  In the keyword planner search bar you have to enter a keyword according to your field according to your blog according to which you publish the article on your blog that keyword you have to put in the keyword planner search bar then you  I have to search, let me tell you, you have to select the language, English, but if your blog is in Urdu, Hindi or any other language, then you have to select your language and you have to select your country.  Google Adsense will tell you the CPC of your country by which you will receive CPC by country.  You can also filter a domain if you want, ie if you don’t want their CPC in the domain to be visible to me, you can filter it if you want.  Yes, but you will not need it because in the eyes of Google Adsense, the CPC of all domains is equal. You have to enter your keyword and search and then you will come across a list of many keywords whose word  CPC seems to be the most you have to target this keyword and write your article on the same keyword you will go ahead and tell you a trick about the keyword you want to target.  The advantage is that you have to increase the CPC of your keyword even more, ie if you target a keyword, I will tell you how to rank your article in Google.  It will be very useful to go.

In the video I told you which keyword to target, how to target the location, how to select the language, how to filter the domain name, you have to do all these things to get your keyword.  Enter and search and target high CPC keyword and run high CPC ad on your site.


How do you increase your Google ranking for keywords.

Now I will tell you a trick. With this trick you can improve your site ranking in Google. In this trick I will tell you. You have to read the article very carefully and save your article correctly.  Only then will your article rank in Google.
Now let me tell you what you have to do. You have to target long tail keywords which is your field.  Long  tail will tell some people who search a lot, whose search volume will be very high. You have to use these keywords.
How do I use keyword planner?
Image by Google
Now I will tell you how to target long tail keywords. When you have to search on a keyword keyword planner, whatever your field is, you have to target any keyword.  There are a lot of searches in Google search like I told you that you have to search in Google any keyword according to your field when Google will tell you long tail keyword that people search a lot then you  If you have to copy a title from this keyword and put it inside your article then your ranking will start to improve. One thing I will tell you is what you should do if you want to improve your ranking.  When you target a long tail keyword, you have to put a year in front of that long tail keyword, ie whatever year is 2020, that is, today’s year, if you put anything in 2020, your ranking is very  There will be more improve why I tell you when a guy searches something in any field he doesn’t want to see the past  He wants a new topic, a new trick, a new blog, a new article because there are so many sites that if you write an article about them, they make a lot of changes in their website and  When the new year comes, when people search for this thing, people don’t understand about it, so it is important to put the year ahead of your article. When people search, they will search for the next year.  Your site’s ranking will be greatly improved if the site is ranking.

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