Here are some high Proven secrets to SEO through social media

Here are some high Proven secrets to SEO through social media? It’s amazing when you know that sharing your content on social media platform such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram in the hope of increasing your website SEO is a waste of time. Well, at least experts said that.

Yes, there is a relationship between social media and SEO, but we have to understand it first.

This article is all about understanding what social media is for and where it stands when defining its relationship with search engine optimization. Social media platforms define your social presence and how we can get benefitted from our website.

Are social media having any impact as an SEO ranking factor? According to Google, social media is not a direct SEO ranking factor.

Here are some high Proven secrets to SEO through social media

Here are some high Proven secrets to SEO through social media

But there are many ways in which we analyse that likes and sharing are related to the SEO of our website. The more social presence we have, the higher in search results.

First of all, we should understand Google is not the only player in the search engine business, Bing is also there, and their percentage is more than 20% which is very respectable. 

If you care for search traffic from Bing, we have differently optimized our social presence on platforms because its likes and shares are a direct ranking factor in Bing.

But in google case story is a little bit complicated. 

If you want to get SEO Benefits from our social media marketing, we’ll need to optimize our presence on a social platform for maximum visibility. Let us look at which steps we can take to optimize your social media marketing to boost your visibility

1. Optimization of Social Media Profiles

Optimization of Social media profile is the first mandatory step. If we have stepped on the different social media platform, then having consistency of profile details, images and bio for better brand recognition. Our bio must resemble our business and still be interesting enough to attract attention

2. Regular Posting

The second step we make to post regularly and ensure our social media account is active. A schedule posting is the better option, but we can tweet regularly but not on LinkedIn according to the platform. Posting and images should not be out of business.

3. Social Media Updates

Today social media is really powerful; If we want our social media updates to spread like wildfire, it’s important to optimize them for shareability.

It means…

  • Use viral headlines in your posts
  • attractive, eye-catching images
  • Ask for share and comment

A study shows this significantly increases the chances that people will respond aggressively and positively.

We can also use several tools to perform these tasks very easily. To find out the keyword that are viral and sort by the platform to see what works on our preferred social media site.

People confused while working on social media do hashtags important; yes, it is. These are essentially keywords, and they can help to categorize our content and help social media users find it.

But hashtags use varies on Facebook and Instagram. /on fakebook, we hardly use them but use them in bulk on Instagram.

4. Website Content for Social Sharing

We can also do some work on our website to encourage visitors to share our content on social media. We can create high quality and shareable content, ensuring the optimization of keyword and call to action button.

Adding a social media button on the bottom or left side would be more helpful for your visitors to share it. Including videos in content make it more visible and shareable. If you make videos and share them on YouTube, that would be great.

Creating promotional content of our brand as videos increase search results and helpful for your website.

5. Engagement

So, if you plan to make a proper strategy for your SEO with social media, forget it. The only strategy work is to get the maximum SEO benefits from our social media presence: consistency and engagement with contents. For successes.

For that, we can use the following tricks.

  • Get connected with an influencer in your content and related to social media posts; this will increase your traffic on your website and social media.  
  • Local marketing is also important, for that we can share locally related content and finding local influencers.

Regularly reply to all comments responsive on shares. A little response will help social media algorithms recognize that the content is active and helps its potential reach.

Take part in the conversation and chatting. It can help to increase your followers and attracts more people to your content.

Be regular with your content. Social media is changing day by day. Running a campaign on social media can help to keep our content more visible and sharable, which is, of course, great for SEO.

Author Bio: Final verdict:

Now we know how social media and search engine optimization (SEO) work together; it’s not already made formula, you can also make a combo of the to-do list, but the main catch is consistency and activeness on social media for our brand not to viral the post. Every social media is important, whereas Facebook have their benefits and Twitter have their own. New social media platform such as Koo and telegram also have an impact on the social market.

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