best trick to increase your domain authority 2020


best trick to increase your domain authority 2020


There are many people who enter the field of blogging but it takes a long time for them to succeed on Blogger. The DA PA of their website does not increase so they cannot succeed in the field of Blogger.  This is even more detrimental if the domain authority of your website is low then the traffic to your website is also low. If you buy a fresh domain that no one has bought before then its DA is zero.  There is a way to get your website ranked higher in Google which is a lot of hassle. It takes a lot of time for you to get your domain authority high.  DA PA can enroll but it can take you a couple of months to be successful in this way all you have to do is create a backlink for your website you have to create a do follow backlink so that you  Traffic to a website comes through a website but it is not so easy. It may take you a long time to build a backlink.  All things considered, you should not take backlinks from a website that has a high spam score and has adult content. You should not take backlinks from this website at all, otherwise your website’s spam score will be higher and  Your site will never rank in Google and you will never succeed in the field of blogging like this.


But I will tell you a very good track which will increase the DA PA of your site in one day. I will tell you what you have to do for this.

What you should do is buy an expire domain with a very high DA PA such as DA 50 PA 90.

Let me tell you some important things in which if you want to buy an expire domain, you have to take care of the things that will not harm.

First of all let me tell you one thing you have to buy an expire domain then you must check its spam score otherwise your site will never rank in google and your post will never google.  Will never index which will never drive traffic to your website and you will never make good money.

 one more thing you have to keep in mind is that if you buy an expire domain then it will have an adsense ban on it. If it has an adsense ban on it then you will never get approval from Google AdSense  Can’t make money

And one more thing, you should not buy an expire domain that has backlinks from an adult website, otherwise your website will never rank in Google and you will never make money from Blogger.  Money will be wasted and you will never succeed in your field. 

If you buy an expire domain with these things in mind, you can succeed on Blogger very quickly and earn great money from your blogger.


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best trick to increase your domain authority 2020
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This way you will check if you are going to buy an expire domain. If not, check the spam score for adsense and be quick to buy an expire domain. This was our latest trick of today. 



One more trick increase your DA – PA

A trick like if you use standby you can greatly increase the authority of your domain in one to two months and get your site ranked in google is a very simple trick if you use this trick you  There will be a lot of traffic to your site. What do you have to do? I will tell you how to create backlinks. How to create backlinks to drive traffic to your site. There are two types of backlinks.  There are links and there is a dofollow  backlink How will you create it I will tell you what are the benefits of backlinks I will tell you There are a dofollow backlinks to help bring traffic to your site  How they do it is that when someone has a link to your site on your site, the visitor comes to your site to find out something so you can increase the traffic to your site with the help of dofollow backlink.  The second backlink is the nofollow backlink which increases the authority of your domain, ie the nofollow backlink increases your domain authority and  There is also traffic to your site ie both dofollow and nofollow backlinks are essential for your site. Today we are talking about how you can increase the DA of your site. All you have to do is create a nofollow backlink.  Only then will your domain authority be indexed on the site.  I teach you how to create nofollow backlinks.  There are two ways to create backlinks. The first way is to comment on someone’s site, compliment their article and request a nofollow backlink from them, then they will provide you a nofollow backlink. The second way is  That you can get nofollow backlinks from big platforms by adding your own story in them and adding a link to your site which will give you nofollow backlinks and your site’s DA will increase a lot and your  The site will rank very fast and there will be a lot of traffic to your site but when creating backlinks you have to make sure that you do not create dofollow or nofollow backlinks from any such bad website otherwise your site’s spam score will be higher.  This will start to happen and your site’s domain authority will start to decrease and your site will not rank in Google. You have to create backlinks and your  To teach the domain authority of the site

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