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My name is Arif Akram.  I am 48 years old.  I am from pakistan  I started working on the internet from January 2020. By the way, I use the internet very late.  But I started working on Blogger in 2020.


Blogger Tricks how the site came into being?
My Bloggers Tricks how the site came into being.  I’ve been using the internet for a long time.  But I spent a lot of time entertaining on the internet.  I wasted my time watching videos on platforms like YouTube all the time.  But a lot of times I would come across some videos on YouTube.  How You Can Make Money Online  At first I didn’t believe that people make money from the internet.  I came across a lot of such videos on YouTube and you can earn money by playing games.  I also did a lot of work on bitcoin earning sites but it didn’t do me any good. Then I came across some videos. You can open one of your YouTube channels and upload videos to YouTube to earn money.  Some of the videos I’ve seen are from YouTube so people really earn.  Then I saw some videos and also YouTube is a Google developed platform that is not a fraud.  Then I thought I would open a YouTube channel and earn money from it.  Then I opened a YouTube channel and started uploading videos on it and gradually I got 40 subscribers on my YouTube channel then I didn’t know anything about SEO etc.  But I didn’t have more than 40 subscribers on YouTube. Then I found out that there are a lot of shortcomings in my videos uploaded to YouTube. I needed to invest money to improve my content on YouTube but then I had so much money.  I did not invest.  Then my heart went out to YouTube.  And then I stopped uploading videos on YouTube. Then I searched on the internet to find out how people make money from the internet. Then I came across some videos that you can earn by creating your own blog on Blogger.  Blogger is a collection of information about Blogger and what people do. How do people earn from Blogger? Then I thought of creating a blog website.  Then I started publishing articles on Blogger and started sharing information with you.  This is how the My Bloggers  Tricks site came into being.
What is Bloggers Tricks? 
We publish very informative articles for you on our site.  Which you can find information by reading.  We share with you the information we’ve learned in the long run. We keep publishing very informative blogging articles for you. Our blog is about tips or tricks. We tell you how to start blogging.  Can.  If you want to make money from YouTube channel or work on Blogger then we will tell you how you can do SEO of your YouTube channel or blog. If you want to do on-page SEO of your site  If you want or want to do off page SEO then how can you.  Also we will tell you on our site how to make money from freelancer or any other way you can make money online.  If you work on Blogger or work on YouTube, you can either monetize your site or YouTube channel and earn money.  In addition, we will bring you all kinds of online earning courses on our site so that you too can succeed in the field of online earning.

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